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New Products

Magnetic Pick-up Tool 5lb lift


A handy telescopic pick up tool with 5lb lift
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Smart Rechargeable light


Rechargable - up to 4 hours of light, Daylight LEDs with 3 step dimmer, ideal for needlework,quilting,crafting and reading Three ways to power; internal rechargable battery (included); plug-in mains adapter; USB cable. Dimensions 5.6 x 8.2 x 8 cm
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Symphony Frame Ref: SYRF
The Symphony Tapestry frame is a no-sew frame. The fabric is held in place on the rollers with wooden rods that slide into the slots in the rollers.

The third roller shown at the top allows the frame to be clamped in a work stand without damaging the fabric. Symphony frames are available as complete frames with side bars, rollers and clamp bar. As the rollers are easily removed from the side bars they are aslo available as pairs of side bars and rollers with the additional cross pieces. 

Symphony Frame

Select Frame Size
9x14 Symphony Frame £17.50
12"x14" Symphony Frame £17.95
15"x14" Symphony Frame £18.25
18"x14" Symphony Frame £18.50
21"x14" Symphony Frame £18.75
24"x14" Symphony Frame £18.95
27"x14" Symphony Frame £19.95

Symphony Cross Piece Packs Ref: SYA-CP
Pairs of Rollers with clamp bar for use with the side bars of Symphony frames. 

Symphony Cross Piece Packs

Select Roller Size
Pair of 9" Rollers & Clamp bar £8.00
Pair of 12" Rollers & Clamp bar £8.10
Pair of 15" Rollers & Clamp bar £8.60
Pair of 18" Rollers & Clamp bar £9.10
Pair of 21" Rollers & Clamp bar £9.45
Pair of 24" Rollers & Clamp bar £9.95
Pair of 27" Rollers & Clamp bar £10.20

Symphony Additional Side Arm Packs Ref: SYA-SA
Symphony Additional Side Arm Packs 

Symphony Additional Side Arm  Packs

Select Side Arm Size
12" Side Arm Pack £11.70
14" Side Arm Pack £12.20
18" Side Arm Pack £12.70

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