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New Products

Smart Rechargeable light


Rechargable - up to 4 hours of light, Daylight LEDs with 3 step dimmer, ideal for needlework,quilting,crafting and reading Three ways to power; internal rechargable battery (included); plug-in mains adapter; USB cable. Dimensions 5.6 x 8.2 x 8 cm
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Beading Needle Packs Ref: JJNPe
Beading Needles Packs from John James. Types include Curved, Standard Beading, Short embroidery/Beading needles,  

Beading Needle Packs

Curved Beading Size 10 Ref: JJ31
Curved Beading Size 10 

Price: 1.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Curved Beading Size 10

JJ105xx Beading Needles Ref: JJ105xx
Packs of Beading Needles
Very fine, long needles with long eyes for stringing beads and sewing beads on fabric. 

JJ105xx Beading Needles

Select Beading Needle Pack required
JJ10510 Beading Needle Size 10 £1.50
JJ10512 Beading Needle Size 12 £1.50
JJ10513 Beading Needle Size 13 £1.50
JJ10515 Beading Needle Size 15 £2.50
JJ10503 Beading Needle Size 10/13 £1.50

Bead/Embroidery short Ref: JJ107xx
Bead/Embroidery . Packs priced at £1.50 . 

Price: 1.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Bead/Embroidery short

  • JJ10710 Bead Embroidery/short bead Size 10   
  • JJ10712 Bead Embroidery/short bead Size 12   
  • JJ10710B Bead Embroidery Ball Point Size 10   

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